During the first 20 years of the forum’s life, the concept of Jordanian women owning and operating small and medium sized businesses was a luxury the majority could not afford. Issues regarding the attainment of education, employment, social visibility, health and basic rights were the grounds by which the forum began empowering women. The forum set out to achieve positive changes by working on these issues within intense human rights and legislative focus. Beginning in the mid nineties, women in Jordan were ready to make great strides towards owning and running their own businesses, and needed a supportive platform which encourages their entrepreneurial spirit. The forum worked diligently between 1996 and 2004 on encouraging Jordanian women to start their own businesses by providing business incubations for start ups. The support included a complete package of administrative, legal and technical support. The success of the first group of incubator’s graduates was a promising sign to continue in proceeding towards the forum’s second leap. In the years since its establishment, the Forum now looks at the companies run by women entrepreneurs who are in the midst of highly competitive market. The country’s government acknowledges the importance of supporting women, however many gaps remain in the availability of critical statistics and information, needs assessment and prioritization, and plans of action. In response, the Forum has re-focused its mission to fill in these gaps by utilizing lessons learnt and extending itself to new segments of beneficiaries that will propel it into its next phase.