Honoring the First Vice of the Forum for Women in Business Conference Social Responsibility

Amman - Second Social Responsibility Conference concluded today in Amman organized by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development. The Conference recommended that sponsored his work, Dr. Abdullah Eagles prime minister and two days of the adoption of the concepts and standards of social responsibility and taking in the work of the strategic planning of the Arab governments and public and private institutions, and to rely on it to disseminate knowledge culture as a concept authentic, and its introduction in what comes out of their laws and regulations. The conference also urged through the launch of the Amman Declaration of social responsibility decision-makers in the Arab governments and the legislature parliament to adopt a system of social responsibility, and taking into consideration the possibility of standardization of procedures and data integration, and standardization of concepts and standards of each country in proportion to their needs and their compliance with the standards and principles and concepts of social responsibility. According to the recommendations that the participation of experts and specialists from the WHO and the Ministry of Social Development and universities, to include works and projects of rehabilitation and training specialized in the field of standards and concepts of social responsibility in the plans and the work of institutions and companies, and the creation of administrative units specialized social responsibility in the organizational structure, in addition to taking full advantage of the leading experience of the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility and the accumulation of its standards and concepts, procedures and scientific tight course and supported, especially in the Constituent Assembly and advanced education for those who wish. The conferees also recommended demand the adoption of the concepts of social responsibility to set all that would negative impact on the social fabric, and consolidate social justice, innovation and excellence and development concepts to combat intellectual extremism, and support associations and trade with competence in rooting the concepts of social responsibility in achieving justice and support the owners needs to promote a culture of equality and security Social. The participants praised the role of the Ministry of Social Development in the adoption of acts of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for Social Responsibility and dissemination of experience on the Arab world. He was honored as the guarantor Iman, first deputy of the Forum of business and professions Jordanian Women with a group of ladies who are keen on social work in all its aspects