Ms.’Ilham Zyadat

Ms. success story began hiring its inception to become the incubator of the brightest women in the field of work Also confirms a engineered Ilham zyadat the success in business does not mean failure in the care of the family, especially if there is Cooperation and understanding between family members. Says engineered inspiration from its beginnings, «I find the job all realize my ambitions, I went to work and found« Huda »Foundation for salts of the Dead Sea (BLOOM), has a simple beginning began that borrowed from the Industrial Development Bank and took practice what you have learned at the university, and create two classes Dead Sea products and sell them on a simple scale, and then followed in the modernization and development of the return on a company only, and the adoption of full-reliance and without any additional income to be paid in full of the loan in two years instead of eight years, and became produced 23 varieties currently issued to more than 32 countries Having got all the formal requirements and approvals in these countries, in addition to online sales, where I was one of the first e-commerce in Jordan and I have a website which is » And about what obstacles met in the export and extract its experience in this area says Head of Business and Professional Women Forum «are not limited to the merchant to know on what he wants is to manufacture locally, but he has to be has a thorough knowledge of the external market, a big challenge in this area, and the knowledge of his rivals and quality goods desired, and how marketing and packaging to be attractive to the importer, and the timing of delivery to the target markets, and all that needs to be said that knowledge does not come automatically, but adopted a continuous effort, maintenance and renewal ».